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Bayanihan performance at Ilocos Sur Capitol, Ilocos Sur.

Teaching & Touching Lives (Plan A)


(A transformative program conducted by Bayanihan Folks Arts Foundation in collaboration with the AMBASSADOR ALFONSO T. YUCHENGCO FOUNDATION)

This program aims to create and develop a critical mass from the youth community that will have a sense of pride in their Filipino heritage, in themselves and their capabilities to become bright and future leaders in their own communities.

The Program plan: 

  1. Select a pilot site.

  2. Gather at least 50 participants drawn from a selected group of students from public schools.

  3. Bayanihan directors, musicians, dancers, alumni volunteers, will be tapped as resource persons.

  4. Half day sessions, once or twice a month will be undertaken. Ex. On Saturdays – 1:00 – 4:00pm (could change depending on schedule).

  5. A pilot site coordinator will be assigned by the local leader to efficiently run the program on site. LGUs will work closely with community leaders and NGOs.

  6. A culminating activity will be scheduled at the end of the 1 year program, supported by the multi sectoral allies.

  7. Every year a public school will be assigned by the LGU to adopt the program. 8. Bayanihan’s role will be on a consultative basis with periodic visits to the site.


I.  Dance
    Filipino Folk Dance
    Other dances and forms
    Folk & other popular songs
II Building Confidence
    Positive Self Esteem
    Values and Virtues
III Bayanihan’s props and costumes
    Arts & Crafts
IV Rehearsals / Performance on Stage
    Culminating Activity


Teaching & Touching Lives (Plan B)


Conducted in collaboration with the PWU-Center for Culture, Arts, Music and Sports an the Amb. Alfonso T Yuchengco Foundation.

This is a short term project which aims to build long term benefits in creating an appreciation for the Filipino cultural heritage among the marginalized youth sector in Metro Manila. The plan includes mobilizing student volunteers who are willing to be trained and who in turn will assist in training the children. Working closely with local government units, community leaders and NGOs, the program hopes to foster the spirit of community service, respect for hard work, discipline and the essence of "Bayanihan" which is helping each other to achieve a common goal….

Training period is three months, with a culminating activity after the training period.



Teaching & Touching Lives (Plan C)


Supported by the Bayanihan Folk Arts Foundation in collaboration with Alfonso T Yuchengco Foundation.

This is a short term project which aims to build long term benefits in creating an appreciation for the Filipino cultural heritage.

The plan includes: training teachers and student volunteers to research on the traditions and uniqueness of their respective region, province, city, municipality or community; assist the teachers and students to use various tools in the creation of dance, music, costumes as well as manage their own performance; toi help them develop an understanding of the Arts as a means of expression and communication; be conscious of intellectual property rights as well as the essence of hard work and professionalism in the pursuit of their goals.

Training which will be conducted in partnership with the LGUs, NGOs and civil society groups will run from 2-4 sessions covering a one week or one month period.


Trustee & Executive Director
Bayanihan Folk Arts Foundation

For inquiries please call the business office at the following numbers: 
525-1685 / 526-8421 local 120 or 206
look for Monette Garcia or Razelle Matilla

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