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RP Official Cultural Mission to the Americans and Europe




Broadway debut at New York’s Winter Garden Theater, presented by the “King of Impressarios”, Sol Hurok.  Unanimous critical acclaimed.




Special performance in Tel Aviv for the Labour Party and for the benefit working mothers and children.




Featured on the Dinah Shore TV program with an audience of 38 million.




Eight months tour with 187 performances in USA, Mexico, France, Belgium, England, Italy, Israel before an estimated audiences of 232,300.




Homecoming performances at the Araneta Coliseum from May 16-22, 1960 for the benefit of 10 civic organizations.




The Golden Harvest award given to a documentary film on BAYANIHAN during the Asian Film Festival in Tokyo.






Brussels Universal Exposition - adjudged best of 13 national dance groups.                    
  Featured in Ed Sullivan TV Special in “Highlights of the Brussels Fair” beamed coast to coast in America



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"Voyage for Love and Peace." a Muslim Suite

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