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Special performances in Indonesia; Okinawa

1967 - 1968

RP Official Cultural Mission

  Special performances in: Tokyo for Japan’s Centennial of the Meiji restoration, a festival of Asian folk music and dancers; Taipei for the Pacific Air travel Association conference.
  Fifth world tour covering Israel, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Panama, Mexico, USA, Canada, Russia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Greece, Italy – a total of 25 countries in one year and 10 days: third visit to Israel.
  Breakthrough in USSR – Philippine relations – first RP cultural group to perform in Russia.
  First in-depth tour of South American countries.


Philippine Week, Hongkong              

  Malaysian Airways Celebration, Singapore


Ramon Magsaysay Foundation Award for International   understanding.


RP official Cultural Mission

  Performances at the New York World’s Fair and the State Theatre of Lincoln Center for Performing Arts.
  First visit to South America.
  A second touring company on a three month tour of Australia         highlighted by performances at the Adelaide Festival of Arts.
  Second visit to Israel.

1961 - 1962

RP Official Cultural Mission to USA ,  Europe, Middle East.

  Coast –to-coast tour of USA under Columbia Artists Management (CAMI)
  European tour under Production Claude Giraud.
  Performances at the New York Metropolitan Opera House : one performance being a benefit for the American Field Service scholarships. 
  Theatre des Nations Award in Paris, first prize at the International Festival of 23 countries.
  Featured at: Seatlle World’s Fair, USA Hanover Industrial Fair in Germany; Israel Commercial International Arts Festival.
  Color documentary filmed by Robert Synder in NewYork  is first  prize winner at the Argentina Film Festival.
  One year tour of USA, Europe and the Middle East covering 129 cities and given 316 performances.



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