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RP Official Cultural Mission to Europe, USA and Central America and Africa.
  Ninth road tour of the USA, Germany, France, Italy  Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Brazil , Poland.
  Hongkong  Arts Festival.

1976 - 1977

RP Official Cultural Mission to Europe, Asia and the Americas.
  Bangkok, Thailand for the Asian Music and Dance Festival.
  Hongkong Asian Arts Festival.
  First Philippine dance company to visit People’s Republic of China; performance in Peking, Teintsin, Hangchow, Shanghai, Canton. 
  Istanbul, Turkey: Uluslarar Asia and Mezuranodni Hudebni Festivals.
  Italy; Estate Teatrale Veronese and Milano Arts Festival.
  Czechoslovakia: Marsinbad Arts Festival.
  Hungary: Badaphest Arts Festival.
  West Germany: Tubingen Asian Festival.
  Cannes, France: Summer Arts Festival.
  Belgium, Yugoslavia; Switzerland and International Music and Arts Festival.
  Tahiti South Pacific Asian Festival. 
  Seattle World’s Fair Opera House:  Chicago Opera House;  Boston Symphony Hall, USA
  First visit to Czecholovakia, Poland and Hungary. 
  Third visit to Russia.  RP Official Cultural mission.


Seoul, Korea for the Asian and Pacific Nations Folk Arts Festival.
  Okinawa for EXPO’75.
  Tokyo, Japan for Philippine Week.


International Olympics, Iran.


Command performance for Thailand’s King and Queen in Bangkok.
  Vienna Festival in Austria.
  Italy, France, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, England, Spain, Scandinavia, Festival International de Sevilla.
  USA – John F. Kennedy Center in Washington and 20 other states; Madison Square Garden Center in New York.
  Bayanihan dancers and musicians join Balikbayan mission to the USA in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism’s program for overseas Filipinos.

1970 - 1971

RP Official Cultural Mission to US, Europe & Asia.

  Special performances in; Osaka, Japan for EXPO’70 Aukland, New Zealand for Pacific Asia Travel Association; Okinawa at the US Army Buckner Theater.  Participation in international festivals; Switzerland; the Lu Bjana Art Festival in Yugolasvia; Festival International de Baalbeck in  Lebanon.
  In-depth  tour of the  USA from September 7, 1970 to January 12, 1971.
  First RP Cultural group to perform in the Opera House of Reykjavik, Iceland.
  Command performances for the King Of Norway in Oslo.
  Performance in Stockholm , Sweden attended by Princess Margarethe (later Queen Margarethe)
  Second touring company participates in the All Filipino London-Manila Jeepney Express and Roadshow sponsored by Philippine Tourist and Travel Association in cooperation with KLM, PAL, Air France  and Hotel Intercontinental.  Itenerary: Paris, The Hargue, Dusseldorf, Bonn, London, Berlin, Vienna, Berlin.
  Second visit to Russia.
  Fourth visit to Israel.
  Cultural Mission.



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