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May  14-28 Their most recent international conquest was their spectacular participation in Disney World’s Millennium celebration at the World’s showcase EPCOT Center in Florida where they performed for two weeks,  to full house and standing ovations.
  May 31-June  1 After their EPCOT  engagement the company flew to Buenos Aires where Philippine Ambassador Carlos Villa-Abrille presented them at two sold out performances at Teatro Cervantes  and  Teatro Podesta. Again,  shouts of “bravo” and standing ovations where accorded the performers.
  June 2-4 Philippine Ambassador Consuelo Puyat-Reyes and the Philippine Embassy,  in celebration of National Day,  presented Bayanihan at the Liceo Aleman on June 2 and a gala performance at the Universidad de Chile Baquedan Theater on June 4.  The capacity audience led by the Acting President of Chile, diplomatic corps and government and cultural leaders cheered the company and likewise give them a standing ovation.


  February 1-7, 54th Almond in Blossom  Festival and 44th International Folklore Festival in Agrigento, Italy.  Won first prize in the traditional costumes category and the only Asian country that made it to the top four winners among 40 participating countries.
  June 13-15- Cultural celebration in Seoul, Korea sponsored by Family Federation for World Peace.  Performed at Chejo Gymnasium to a crowd of 6,000.
  October 10-13, International Folk Dance Festival in Seoul, Korea.  Performance venue at Peace Palace to coincide with the Seoul NGO conference and the 1999 Seoul International Conference of University Presidents.


February 17 - Declared Republic Act No. 8626 an act designating the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company as the Philippine National Folk Dance Company
  March 22 - Command performance in Hongkong for 11,00 Filipinos to celebrate the Centennial of Phil. Independence.
  May 16-17, Hongkong re-enactment of the making of the First Philippine Flag held at Conrad Hotel, Hongkong, sponsored by National Centennial Commission Women Sector (NCC-WS).
  May 30-June 5,  Singapore Arts Festival sponsored by the National Arts Council of Singapore.
  June 6-10, Tokyo - Centennial celebration hosted by Phil. Ambassador Alfonso Yuchengco.  An invitational Gala at the Okura Hotel Ballroom and a full-show at the new Tokyo Opera       Concert Hall.  The first Dance company to perform in that Hall.
  June 13-18, Lisbon Portugal World EXPO.
  June 19, Monaco -- hosted by The Zuellig Corporation as part of their Centennial Celebration.
  June 20-26, Germany- performances in Essen, Freiburg, Bonn, Hamburg and Berlin.
  June 19-22, GUAM – hosted by the Consul Gen . Antonio Villamor and the  Filipino Community of Guam and SRO audiences gave a standing ovation at the Hilton Hotel Ballroom.
  July 1-5, Madrid

2-3,  At Teatro de Madrid.


4 - Alcazar Toledo.

  July 6-14, Normandy, France representing the Philippines in the CIOFF World Folkloriada.
  July 15-Aug. 10 - Tour sponsored by Romaria International,  Sixteen (16) performances around Galicia, Spain.   
  November 28-30 - Taipei, Taiwan Tour sponsored by Balikatan sa Kaunlaran National Foundation and Manila Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei.  2 shows at Asia World Hotel International Ballroom and a full show at St. Dominican International School Auditorium.


Aug. 26-30, Centennial presentation    arranged by the National Centennial Commission of the Philippines.
  Sept. 1-5, Tokyo, Japan - presentation of the Philippine Delegation to the Japan-Asia Fine Arts Association and Japan - Exchange Program.
  November 8-10  - part of the Centennial tours, Hongkong performances for the Filipinos at the Bayanihan Center, Hongkong -- arranged by the National Centennial Commission Women’s Sector and the Balikatan.


Official Philippine representative to the first CIOFF World Folkloriada in Brunssum,  Netherlands, July 12-21, 1996.  The Philippines was chosen to be among the Top Five Performing Artists out of 70 participating countries.  Tour included  Kalingrad in the Russian Federation, France, and Spain (Barcelona and Madrid).
  Cultural mission to the People’s Republic of China, Oct. ’96. Visited Xiamen, Bejing, Junning, shenzhen and Guangzhou.


Kwangju Biennale International Folklore Festival in Kwangju,  Korea.


Benefit performance for Mt. Pinatubo victims sponsored by Mrs. Marika Mitsotakis, the Prime Minister’s wife and the Philippine embassy in Athens led by Ambassador Alberto  Encomienda - Athens, Greece – February 25 - March 5, 1992. 
  Performance to implement the promotional program for tourism and investments sponsored by the Philippine Embassy in Brussels, Philippine Mission to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland and the Dept. of Tourism through the Phil. Convention and Visitors Corp. - Brussels, Belgium: Geneva, Switzerland - April 20-26.
  Seville World Expo ‘92, Philippine Week Celebration - Seville, Spain.
  Philippine National Day Celebration sponsored by the Philippine Embassy in Paris, the Mairie de Boulogne - Paris, France – June 22, 25,28, 1992. 
  Sponsored by the Philippine Honorary Consul, Dr. Stephen Zuellig – Monaco – June 26-27, 1992. 
  Performance for the Sister Cities Festival per arrangement of Office of the Mayor, Quezon City - China - Japan - August 13-18, 1992. 
  Fiesta Philippines - September 16-20, 1994 in celebration of the Philippine Independence Day in London, England.  Arranged and sponsored by Ambassador Jesus Tambunting. 
  Performance in Germany - Arranged by the Cultural Center of the Philippines with the German-Philippine Association in Mainz (June 16-20); in Karlsruhe (September 20-24); Oberhaussen (September 25-28) sponsored by the Barangay ng Alemania Chapter of the German-Philippine Association.



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