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Bayanihan Scores Double Victory in International Scene


Gold Temple Award

Bayanihan, the national folk dance company of the Philippines won the second time the Gold Temple Award, the Absolute Gold Award for over all best in dance, music, costume and production at the 50th Festival Internationale del Folklore and 60th Sagra del Mandorio in Fiore held in Agrigento, Sicily on  February 9-13, 2005. 

The "Voyage for Love and Peace." a Muslim Suite and original Bayanihan dance piece, bested all the Gold Temple Awardees for the past 50 years who competed for the festivalís Golden Anniversary Gold Temple Award.  The Bayanihan scroed the double win when its dancer Tina Martinez also copped the Primavera trophy for outstanding beauty, grace and intelligence among the festival participants. 

It will be recalled that Bayanihan first won the much coveted Gold Temple Award in February 2002.  The Gold Temple Award is a replica in heavily built gold of an  ancient temple in Sicily, the archaeological capital of Italy.  In 1999 the company also won the award for best traditional costume.  The Agrigento Festival is among the oldest and most prestigious folklore festivals in Europe.




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