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Program for Asian Projects

Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation (Grant No. 02-298-PII)


Research trips were conducted in the following regions: South Cotabato (Koronadal), Batangas (Agoncillo), Davao (Matina and La Union San Fernando)

This project can be described as a circle of exchange and sharing between the Bayanihan research teams and the community groups they encounter in each region

The fieldwork's objective are to learn and to document extant creative expression and traditional performances in selected cultural communities before they die out in the next generation. This documentation is used as material in choreography and in creating dance pieces for the repertoire.

Dance, music and costumes are the basic elements of the Bayanihan repertoire and are the result and accomplishments of these research trips. These materials are incorporated and transformed into theater pieces and performed by a world-renowned dance company.

In turn, dances and music from the Bayanihan repertoire are passed on to students, dance groups, and teachers in learning sessions in the various communities in the selected regions. By dance workshops, mean of self-expression are enriched and students and dancers are given an understanding of the differences and commonalities in other communities..

The methodology used and experience gained from the fieldwork and workshops underscore the social values of culture, education, and peace by strengthening cultural frameworks and respecting cultural diversity. Intangible cultural heritage become immortalized as theater pieces and local youth get exposed to other cultures and dance forms.

The Subli-an from Batangas, the Subli, and the dance s from the Bagobo of Davao were taught, along with other basic folk dance movements, in dance workshops held in the different schools here and abroad. Ferdinand Jose, Bayanihan Dance Director and choreographer conducted the workshops.

The Research project developed new materials for Bayanihan's repertoire and enhanced the knowledge, skills, and creativity of its own group of young artist. Fieldworks and various workshops conducted forged

friendship and allowed Bayanihan to deliver, through its presentations here and abroad, the message of peace, harmony, and unity aspired among the different ethnic groups.

Suzie Moya Benitez
Executive Director
Bayanihan Folk Arts Foundation


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