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Music and dance - they have been inextricably linked through the ages. Through them, man has expressed the gamut of his emotions, from deepest sorrow to wondrous joy.

The dances performed by the Bayanihan have been acclaimed throughout the world:  the songs sung by the Madrigals have won international applause.  Two careers that run parallel paths now join hands to showcase the artistic bonds that bind music and dance in KADENILYA II.

Success did not once easy to the Madrigal singers and the Bayanihan dancers.  The youthful exuberance that overflows in their performances reveals the rigorous training that singers and dancers undergo.  The Bayanihan dancers goes through various levels of training and auditions before she becomes a performing member.  She goes through a long hours of learning, rehearsing and auditioning. An exacting task maker is National Artist Inday Urtla, Bayanihan's dance director and choreographer who oversees a rigid training program which is implemented by a corps of trainors, composed of staff members and Bayanihan alumni.

NOVEMBER 17, 1989

Beijing: This usually staid city turned out to give the Bayanihan Dance Company a rousing welcome and a series of curtain calls that extended way into another week of performances.

Beijing, the political and cultural capital of China, gets more than its share of international performances.  And yet the Bayanihan, which was originally invited to grace the independence Day celebrations, is still drawing crowds and thunderous applause.

It's shortcut diplomacy. The Bayanihan caps its Beijing triumph with a performance at the Great Hall of the People, where heads of state and dignitaries are feted.

JUNE 30, 1987

The surprisingly diverse programmes presented by the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company in Beijing have given Chinese audiences a feast of the rich Philippine culture.

Although folk dances are choreographed before being presented, their authenticity is assured by the work of the Bayanihan team of researchers who traveled through the mountainous province in search of ancient dances kept alive by isolated villages.


An old friend came to the Beacon Theter last night.  Ever since it made its New York debut in 1959,  Bayanihan is one of the most popular of all the folk dance troupes that have visited here.  Last night, this company from the Philippines demonstrated that it is still a charmer.

One reason why Bayanihan is so pleasant is that the folk traditions of the Philippines are usually rich.  Judging from the Companies program,  there are so many different kinds of dances that no single style can wear out its welcome.

FEB. 29, 1980


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