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The Bayanihan as usual took everyone’s breath away with their astounding finale of Mindanao sketches, most notably the way they move together the Pangalay, the Malong and the Singkil dances in about five minutes


Bong C. Austero
Jan. 29, 2007 (performance in Asean Summit at Cebu City)


Bayanihan is something altogether different than what previous generations may have seen; the company which, began presenting the traditional dance and music of the Philippines, has taken a deliberate step towards the dramatic and interpretative.  Its performance can best be described as modern dance drawing on folk heritage to create something new.  Trading subtlety for force in movement, the show is not averse to exaggerating the diversity of Filipino culture.  The costumes take a fantastic affect, with brilliant, vibrant splashes of color, ornamentation and lushness.  In a word, it’s an all-out epic show, not a modest recital.

Philip Marcelo
Filipinas Magazine, January 2007

The skill and grace of the dancers of the Bayanihan, the national dance company of the Philippines, were amazing.  I thought I have seen it all, but I was wrong


Marit Stinus – Remonde
Mission Impossible – ABS – CBN 

 (performance in ASEAN Summit in Cebu City – January 12 – 14, 2007)


Bayanihan is not a performance.  It is a living theater caught up in the sheer joy of the Dance.


Jane Stangl
Indayog, 2006


Adjudged One of the top 10 dance events that deserve the hype (the Bayanihan Philippine National Dance Company begins a string of local appearances at the Stockton Performing Arts Center in Pomona.  More than just a colorful potpourri, the program honors multiple legacies with a fascinating mix of European, Asian and indigenous influences)


Robert Johnson
Star- Ledger Staff, December 27, 2006


Bayanihan has a fascinating repertoire and a gracefully seductive manner all its own


Robert Johnson
Star-Ledger Staff, October 28, 2006


Bayanihan…………….. showed immense stamina, as most of the dances required the entire company to be on stage for extended amounts of time.  They also never failed to ham it up, specially during the solos, which were a light-hearted diversion from floor shaking drums and sword-brandishing warriors.  These moments showed Bayanihan’s true talents, they are a highly entertaining company.


Brandy Gamoning, The Daily Californian
September 25, 2006


Bayanihan is charming and exquisitely well arranged, representing its country well.


Jennifer Fisher, Special to the Register, 2006


The Bayanihan Philippine National Dance Company came to Mechanics Hall Tuesday night and put on a performance that was clearly well-thought-out and presented with intelligence, poise and style.  They had a lot to do with constantly changing scenes and accompanying costume changes, nevertheless they handled matters with discipline, timing, skill and an enjoyable stage presence.  The musicians were an integral part of the performance as the emotions and mood changed from sequence to sequence.  There were plenty of sparks and excitement in the best piece of the evening, “Mindanao Splendor”, the mix was spectacular and stunning.


Richard Duckett
Telegram & Gazette Reviewer, 2006



You don’t have to be a die hard fan to fall in love with the Bayanihan, Philippine national dance company


Anthony Del Valle
Las Vegas Review Journal, 2006



I still find the troupe at its best; great ambassadors of a nation ailing economically, spiritually and asking to have a place in the heart of Americans.  There was no pretense, they were themselves and they did the dances beautifully.  It was, indeed a great opportunity and experience for the students to witness the beautiful soul of a nation through the lyrical and not so lyrical movements.


Josefina Solomonson
Pepperdine University, 2006


Bayanihan’s performance was absolutely wonderful and to see them that night made me proud as a Filipino.  The group showcased the richness and diversity of the Filipino culture: from the tribal dances to the pomp and pageantry of Spanish-influenced dances and the joyous abandon of the rural dances.


Phillip M Gracia-Palana
Seattle, Washington, 2006


Bayanihan has pioneered in many ways.  When they “interpret” and “stylize” our dance culture – you’re fodder for the critics ire.  I bought tickets for two reasons: to be entertained and to see what is new, I got what I wanted; I had fun and I was updated.


Patricia Aldaba-Lim
Member 1969-1974 Boston,


What a beguiling sight they were en masse; a centennial observance is inevitable.


Renee Renouf
September 2006, Ballet Magazine




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